Do individual holsters come with Chicago screws?

Yes, they come with 3/8" long posts and screws. if you need more 1/4" or 1/2" Just leave a comment in the purchase comments.

How do I know what length Chicago screws I will need?

Rule of thumb = 2 grommets, ¼” post, 3 grommets, ⅜” post, 4 grommets, ½” post. leave a note in the comments at checkout and I will makes sure to send the correct length's.

Do you sell a belt?

For now we have a Cobra buckle belt (made overseas) and 1 3/4" Leather belt. We have started designing something new. Since there are already so many great belts from other companies, we would want to add something unique.

How does the pouch attach?

The pouches have been made to attach via hook and loop to either your pant's belt or auxiliary belt. The back of each pouch has a split paddle allowing it to be attached around belt loops or stitching on padded belts and vests.

Why do the prices get higher at checkout?

Our checkout is automatically in Canadian dollars by default. If the currency used when browsing the store was different, the prices may seem higher at checkout (or lower).

You can choose your check out currency in the menu, located at the top right. 

Hopefully in the future we can automatically match the checkout and store currencies.


Do you ship to the UK, NZ, AUZ ?

Yes. Please contact Info@trimpouch.com if you are having any issues.

When are orders fulfilled?

We fulfill orders twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.

How long is shipping time after fulfillment?

Our average shipping times after fulfillment are:

Our US average is 5 business days.

Our Canadian average is 4 business? days.

We try to use expedited shipping for most orders.

What are the shipping costs?

The average shipping costs are:

$15 CAD when shipping to Canada

$20 USD when shipping to US

Free after $290 USD in Canada and the US

You are sold out of an item. When will it be restocked?

We receive inventory shipments monthly.

If there is a specific item you need please contact us and we can make sure it's on the next inventory shipment.

We work in small batches to keep quality high, this means we run out of stock quickly. The good news is we also restock quickly.

Can I customize the holsters?

Yes! We love working with customers to create their ideal system of custom holsters. Just contact us: info@trimpouch.com

How long is the lead time for out of stock items and custom items?

Usually the lead time is 2 to 4 weeks. The leather craftsmen work in small batches that are shipped monthly. This results in high quality work, and a chance to squeeze in a custom item during production.

What is your exchange/return policy?

Just contact Info@trimpouch.com and we will help sort it out. We don't want anyone to have buyer's remorse.

We have a long legal return policy here but the gist of it is:

You have 30 days to test it out, during which time, you can contact us to return it. We will arrange to have it shipped back.

Any used items can be resold at a discount, either to apprentices or to customers who cannot afford our new products.

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